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Date of Visit: - Name: Commander Seige - Escort name: Rosetta - Place: Napoli

I know this girl. This is "Emily Bloom" from METART. Is this really Emily Bloom or are the pictures fake? The write up is OBVIOUSLY fake... If this is really her I will fly to where ever she is and shower her with money for all kinds of services.... ... But... ... If I show up and this is fake I will DESTROY you. Which is it?

Date of Visit: - Name: Spartak - Escort name: Magda - Place: Napoli

One of the best legs, I have ever seen in my life. I just love kissing her whole body as well as fucking her by lifting her long legs on my shoulder. She really moans sweetly, encouraging you to push yourself more harder. Overall, Magda is a nice girl for one night stand.

Date of Visit: - Name: Andrew - Escort name: Lucy - Place: Napoli

She is a complete woman. Her face, her curvaceous body is just perfect. On top of that, her gentle nature is just like icing on a cake. It was first time I talked openly with a person. Not only this,we made tender love in night too. I kissed her whole body, fondled her tits and fucked her gently in missionary position. The sex was just amazing. You must book her if you want someone to talk with. She is the nicest person I have ever met in my life.

Date of Visit: - Name: Ron - Escort name: Nika - Place: Napoli

Most elegant lady I have ever met in my life. She has an hour glass figure. She really enjoys when you kiss her on neck and hold her tight in your arms. Her lips are really soft which I couldn’t stop kissing. She likes to be dominated in bed. Overall, a nice girl to sleep with after a tiring day in office.

Date of Visit: - Name: Ravish - Escort name: Aziza - Place: Napoli

She looks far more beautiful than her pictures. She has really good figure, especially her tits are just amazing. I kissed her whole body from top to bottom and fucked her at least 2 to 3 times. She is one girl whom you would just like to take her in bed and ravish her body.

Date of Visit: - Name: Kenta - Escort name: Anna - Place: Napoli

Anna is perfect for playing your fantasy girl. In my case, she played a hot nurse whom I tied to the bed, ripped her clothes apart and kissed her nude body passionately. She is perfect girl to satisfy your wild sexual fantasies. You must book her if you want to satisfy your hidden burning desires

Date of Visit: - Name: Baldovino - Escort name: Lena - Place: Napoli

One of the loveliest girls I have ever met in my life. She is warm, compassionate and a very good kisser. Her tits are really soft. I just went on kissing and sucking them. She really enjoys when you play with her tits. We went for whole body kissing and anal sex while sitting on chair. She prefers women on top positions rather than going out for missionary one. Overall, sex was really great.

Date of Visit: - Name: Liam Nash - Escort name: Vasilisa - Place: Napoli

I regularly visit escort houses to have a great sex and to be honest, night with Sasha was the best one. We went for whole body, kissing along with shower experience. I couldn’t stop kissing her lips, neck, tits and pussy area. Making love to Sasha is just like making love to heaven’s nymph. You must go for her if you want to have a great sexual experience in your life. Liam Nash, Canada

Date of Visit: - Name: Victor - Escort name: Inessa - Place: Napoli

She is really a sweet girl. I just wanted to talk with someone after spending hours in office and she turns out to be perfect. She made me a drink, gave me head massage and listen to all my life problems patiently. Later, we slept together in bed. She is gentle by nature and prefers sweet kisses on her body rather than hardcore action. My suggestion is to treat her gently in bed. Victor Collingwood, UK

Date of Visit: - Name: Agathe Baash - Escort name: Madlen - Place: Napoli

I booked her for GFE experience. We went for romantic dinner cum bed service. I was stunned to look at her gorgeous figure. She has figure like a super model especially her butt and tits are excellent. Not only that, she is passionate kisser too. Book her for one night and see how great sleeping with escort is. Agathe Baasch, Germany

Date of Visit: - Name: Matvey - Escort name: Sveta - Place: Napoli

I booked her in late night hours to refresh myself. I must say that she has a splendid body; especially her tits are marvellous. I couldn’t stop myself from kissing and fondling them. You must go for her if you like playing with girl tits. She really likes it and even encourages you too to play with her tits. Matvey Gagolin, Russia

Date of Visit: - Name: Ethan - Escort name: Fiona - Place: Napoli

She is quite bold and doesn’t mind taking off her clothes in a minute. Her tits are fabulous, you won’t be tired sucking and playing with them. She is expert in oral job. Overall; a great lady to have sex if you are looking for something innovative in bed. You must go for her if you want to have spicy sex in bed. Ethan Hawke, USA

Date of Visit: - Name: Stephen - Escort name: Lorraine - Place: Napoli

She is quiet and reserved person by nature. We went for dinner cum bed service. She is perfect if you are looking to dominate woman in bed. She likes missionary and women on top position rather than trying a new one. Overall, she is a nice girl if you are looking for quiet companion.

Date of Visit: - Name: Elías - Escort name: Alex - Place: Napoli

I've spent a wonderful hour with Alexandra. She's kind and super sexy. Innocent and sensual, she knows how to perform like an angel. She made me an excellent 10 minutes erotic massage before kissing every part of my body. When I was completely excited, she went down and worked my dick very well with her sweet mouth. Nice rhythm and perfect deep throat. Once it was hot, she started fucking me. First slowly and then hardly. Several positions later I couldn't resist and exploded. Funny conversation after sex. Alex is completely recommended. It's not my style, but she's that kind of escort to visit at least one more time.

Date of Visit: - Name: Kaj Flyger - Escort name: Diana - Place: Napoli

Hi. I\'ll visit Napoli for 2 days. I could be interested in a escort with Diana for 2 hours at my hotel.\r\nI haven\'t booked my hotel yet - but will do it later today.\r\nCan you give me a price for 2 hours from 2.30 at my hotel - which will be at place in Napoli \r\nBest regards Kaj Flyger

Date of Visit: - Name: PHJ van Leijen - Escort name: Jenny - Place: Napoli

Please never book this agency. The girl was not I asked for (Jenny) but just a young girl who don't want to do anything at all. When I came in ther was a man sitting at the toilet think to control there. For me was sure better leave her immidiately. Gave her € 100 for seeing her and say goodbuye after 10min. Not the girl but this agency is really bad! Visitors you may be warned don't do this!

Date of Visit: - Name: Arief - Escort name: Inessa - Place: Napoli

• Did not deliver the promised service • Quiet and was not per described • Directly went back (only 30 minutes stay) *Booked via Whatsapp

Date of Visit: - Name: RIZLAN - Escort name: Nika - Place: Napoli

My hotel is HOTEL TRYP MADRID CHAMARTIN Mauricio Ravel 10

Date of Visit: - Name: Georg - Escort name: Ilva - Place: Napoli

She is really good and amazing..... yet mysterious!!! Wonderful breathtaking eyes .... i loved them. In bed fantastic! I would sure like to meet her again! Top service from the agency... excellent communication. In my next trip here... i will be back to you!!!

Date of Visit: - Name: Buloukos - Escort name: Ilva - Place: Napoli

I booked Ilva (not same as photos!) for a night paying 800€. I asked her to dress elegant for a fancy restaurant and i was really disappointed. Anyway despite the fact that during the whole time she was totally unemotional and cold this also continued in bed. I was really loving and caring for her but she was all time passive. If i picked a girl from anywhere else she would be more passionate!!!!She seem to be doing this just to do it (for some this kind of sex is ok ... not for me) and she was not kissing with tongue or blow without condom as the rules of the agency are. It seems that she is young and inexperienced to provide a GFE and that she does not like was she does. I attributed this to her age . She never expressed a gratitude for any of my attempts she only cared to get the money. I would not like to be bad but i dont like to waste time and money. The agencys communication was great so i believe they should know this to protect their customers. I had previous experiences with escorts and this one was one of my worst!!! I only got good comments from girls and i was really angry with her attitude. I offered her dinner breakfast and spend on her more than 800 but i was extremely disappointed. The only thing i will remember are her eyes which seemed mysterious but withholding any emotions. This is not good for her work and this is something that anyone interested should have in mind.